Ageless beauty

Ageless beauty

One of the concepts of the perception of beauty explains that the perception of something beautiful has to do with the ability to appreciate what is in balance and harmony with nature, so children always look so beautiful.

Everything that is beautiful gives us feelings of emotional well-being, that is why a smile, when it is beautiful, open and sincere can make anyone fall in love regardless of age.

There is another concept that says that beauty is in the eye of the observer, that is why the eye of the photographer is so important. If you are a professional you will know how to portray the beauty of anyone at any age.

That is one of the secrets of a good portrait, one of the most used resources of photography, which has been popular since the mid-nineteenth century when they were still printed in daguerreotypes.

With the passage of time, they have become increasingly popular and photographic portraits are highly requested for different occasions, as a house full of details will always have some place to hang a family portrait or a special event such as a wedding, a graduation or any special occasion.

Beauties portrayed

Magazines, media and big companies have become accustomed to the world to relate beauty to youth. Both characteristics have created a link that nobody questions and that many take as absolute truth. But not everyone sees it, in the same way, says journalist César Ruiz in a press release in which he talks about a photographic series of portraits of women of different ages.

That series was titled "Ageless Beauty" and the models are ordinary women whose portraits were not retouched with computer programs.

The participants of this work were chosen after a casting and the majority have a past related to the art. One of them, named Victoria, 50, gave a perfect concept about beauty: "Beauty is to see the natural organic process of the effects of time and experience, be it the erosion of an inanimate object, or the aging of a living being. The weariness, the scars, the discoloration of all things, represent beauty for me. "

And in fact, female beauty has been the subject of multiple portraits and photographers who experiment with this concept. In this sense, Maria Elena Ricaurte, fashion public relations, believes that the wave of diversity that is being lived in these days is one of the reasons why there is more presence of women over the age of 60 modeling for the most recognized fashion photographers in the world. "It is a theme of appreciating beauty in all its forms," he says in an interview published in the newspaper El Comercio.

Ricaute exemplifies that beauty is not old to the 100-year-old woman who recently made history by becoming the oldest modeling person for the English version of Vogue UK fashion magazine.

This example lets us clearly see that beauty can be captured by a lens if the eye of the photographer is well trained will capture it no matter what the age or circumstance.

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