Spontaneous photos or photos with a pose?

Spontaneous photos or photos with a pose?

When they ask photographers if they prefer spontaneous or past photographs, they agree that each one has its charm, its space, its technique and also its moment.

In principle, it would be necessary to define if a spontaneous photo is one in which the person who is photographed was captured by the lens without her realizing it or if it is a distended photo, which is when the photographer gradually essence of each person.

It is also good to emphasize that the photographic fact is handled by the photographer, not the person in front of the camera; and precisely in that aspect is that the intensity that has the photographer and also the photographic genre that employs is worthy.

For example, there is one called documentary which can be applied to any branch of photography such as social or sports, where spontaneous photos are sought, ie without preconceived poses.

However, if the photographer is making portraits, obviously the photos he will get will be posed.

The answer in this debate between spontaneous photos and posed photos will also vary according to the speech you want to generate: if you want to generate a more spontaneous speech, a little fresher, the photo without pose is fundamental.

In fact, a relaxed photograph, which is the one in which the photographer and the person are really talking and the professional is taking photos and while the other person is changing, it is relaxing, it is her; is an exercise in which the photographer is capturing the essence of the person, therefore, is not considered as an inn.

Instead, when it comes to a photo with a pose, literally the person assumes a position that he wants to show. And this is also valid, especially when you want to generate a speech that causes some impact, that has a construction; in that aspect, you then discover that the photo with a pose has its weight as well.

In fact, there are people who are prepared to broadcast something posing in front of a lens and others who can transmit more when they are relaxed, without pose.

Everything will depend on tastes, styles, and intentions.

However, no matter how posed the photo is, the idea is that the gestures of the model or person photographed look natural.

Serious or distended?

Again the question comes and the answer will be again: It depends on the case. For example, for the portrait of a company boss, employee or partner, it is always good to have classic corporate-type photos available to maintain a serious image and inspire confidence. But that, in no way, prevents also making photos to show a more natural image to arouse sympathy and empathize customers and employees.

If you debate between both styles then it is good that you do two types of a portrait: one corporate and one relaxed. So you can tell which style fits your project better.

The professionals of the photography recommend that you think if you want to take the photos indoors or outdoors depending on the image you want to transmit. And divide them like this, for example: Under the study, the portraits you make will be sober and standard. In the exterior, thanks to the decoration and the natural light, they will be authentic and personal.

Both will help you to define your project and to seduce.

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