There’s no two equal images

There’s no two equal images

In the world of photography there is no image equal to another because every moment the world changes and above all the light changes and causes the camera to capture something different.

That is why, in the case of photographs that are shot one behind the other in the form of a burst - each one of them portrays a different moment with different atmospheric conditions.

But there are more details. No image is the same as another because all people are different. Photographic composition is a field where objectivity and subjectivity blend perfectly and is also a subject where all the details count.

Just the fact that one person is one centimeter higher than the other, makes the perspective change completely.

All areas that are noticeable like the height, the photographer's frame and even the position with which the camera takes, the way in which he handles the lighting and even the perspective of his eye will modify the photographic composition.

In addition, subjectively the composition will also vary depending on what each artist in photography wants to convey consciously or unconsciously.

So, even if you can find very similar images, you will never find an image equal to the other. In fact, they can be imitated but not exactly copied.

That, definitely, is not possible.

 "Essence and characteristic property of each being". That is the definition of the word "equal" for the Real Academia Española RAE.

In fact, if a photo is taken by two people at the same time, the photographs are also different because it is coming out of a person who has a different perception.

From the technical point of view, there is only the possibility that one image is the same as another and it is copying the same image in different reproductions. That is if it is copied on paper more than once.

But returning to the point that two photographs or images are the same, no, there are no images that are repeatable. For apart from that time runs, each moment is unique to each condition of light is unique.

Also, every way of looking at the world is unique therefore every image is unique no matter that it has been even in a photo sequence, no two images are the same.

Therefore, what you should look for in a photographer is a different eye, that has the possibility of being able to tell stories through unique images, in which the light conditions are perfect, in which the desired effect is achieved.

The idea is to find a professional who combines in his images good examples of all the elements that photographers value to compose their photographs: Framing, contrast, balance, rhythm, perspective, content, lines, movement, light, and color, linked to aspects more personal as the purpose of photography or the process involved in each shot.

And just because no two people are alike, all the photographs are different from each other.

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